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090614 12 Things Every Investor Should Know
12 Things Every Investor Should Know
With David Bartels

Join us on SUNDAY August 12th when David Bartels come back to share more of what’s working in our market now:

1) Why What You are Doing Doesn’t Work
2) How to identify the Best Prospects
3) How to get Distressed Homeowners to Call You (Beat Realtor’s to the Deal)
4) How to Meet Prospects by Appointment Only
5) What to Say and Give Homeowners at the First Meeting
6) Everything You Need to Know About Loan Modification
7) Why Selling is Better than Foreclosure or Loan Modification
8) How to Structure a Transaction to Close
9) How to establish current value and potential value of a transaction
10) How to fund the transaction with $0 money down
11) 3 ways to profit from a transaction… even when you don’t buy it
12) How to turn your passion into a full time business

Join us on August 12th at Hilton Garden Inn, 2100 E. Mariposa Ave, El Segundo, Ca 90245.  Registration is 8:30 am and the workshop is from 9-5. Non-members early bird price is $49 until Thursday August 9th at 5 pm, then $79.
050813 Aiello
07/9/16 Airbnb
021117 Alton Jones Rehabbing in California
071115 Andy McFarland
02062016 Apartment Mentors
011213 Automate Your Business, Get All the Leads You Want and Make A Fortune in Today’s Market!
072217 Big Game Hunting
020814 Bill & Dwan Twyford
07122014 Bill Gatten
“You’re Walking Pa$t Million$ in Virtually Free Hou$e$, Condos & TwnHses Every Day…”

·         Take Over Payments (Legally) on ANY Mortgage Without a Due-on-Sale Clause Violation [12USC1701j3  re. inter vivos trusts and the DOSC]

·         Acquire Unlimited Real Estate with No or Minimal Cash Outlay

·        Acquire Property Ownership Without Standard Credit Qualifying

·         Use Unlimited Owner-Carry Financing W/O Dodd-Frank Compromise

·          Make (All-Cash) Wholesale Offers and Full-Price Retail Offers by Using our Time-Proven Systems and Financial Resources


o   Discover How to Sell a Burdensome Property Today for More than its Value, & Continue Receiving Positive Cash Flow, Future Appreciation and Loan Principal Reduction?  


o   Take-Over Payments on Any Mortgage— ‘Assumable or Not…or Over-Encumbered or not— and Make Millions in The Process


o   Learn How to give mortgage interest and property tax write-off to a lease tenant in order to receive triple and quadruple your Net Rental Income by  Giving all Tax Benefits to the Tenant [i.e., Prop. Tax & Mtg Interest Deductions]

 o     Two Days with Bill Gatten and the ODWM Equity Holding Trust Transfer[Pat. Pend.] and JUST a bit of Due-Diligence, Gets You a Lifetime of Success, Security & Financial Abundance


o   ONCE AGAIN:  ‘Wholly legitimate Owner-Carries, Entirely Without Dodd-Frank Involvement

112516 Black Friday Premium Membership
061213 Bob Diamond
081515 Bob Leonetti
71413 Charlie Dobens
09102016 Chris McClatchey
111613 Chris Richter - Motivated Sellers
Join Chris Richter and Kent Clothier on Saturday Nov. 16th at the Embassy Suites LAX for all day training on how to find these properties and owners.
072118 Click and Grow Rich
0000 Click and Grow Rich Guest
042118 Creating Sustainable Wealth
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