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David Bartels

12 Things Every Investor Should Know

12 Things Every Investor Should Know
With David Bartels

Join us on April 18th when David Bartels come back to share more of what’s working in our market now:

1) Why What You are Doing Doesn’t Work
2) How to identify the Best Prospects
3) How to get Distressed Homeowners to Call You (Beat Realtor’s to the Deal)
4) How to Meet Prospects by Appointment Only
5) What to Say and Give Homeowners at the First Meeting
6) Everything You Need to Know About Loan Modification
7) Why Selling is Better than Foreclosure or Loan Modification
8) How to Structure a Transaction to Close
9) How to establish current value and potential value of a transaction
10) How to fund the transaction with $0 money down
11) 3 ways to profit from a transaction… even when you don’t buy it
12) How to turn your passion into a full time business

After lunch we have Kurt DeMeire from County Records Research.  His company works with David's program as he lists all the NOD's and TDS.  Get your list from them of who to market to. 

Join us on April 18th at the Holiday Inn,  9901 South La Cienega Blvd, LA 90045.  Registration is 8:15 am and the workshop is from 9-5. Non-members early bird price is $49 until Thursday Sept 4th, then $79.
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Fast Track To Wealth

A Day With The Master Ron LeGrand

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Tax Secrets and Learn How to Shield YOUR Assets


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Make Money With Airbnb


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