Tony Youngs

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         Tony Youngs Workshop

    “Discover the Hidden Market”

                October 6, 2018


Inventory is low, Investors are many,  that’s driving prices higher and making it harder to find deals.  Tony will teach you how to get good at finding deals not on the internet or MLS and with no competition.


If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money.

In every Los Angeles  neighborhood, there are people who are going thru a divorce, loss of job, death of a loved one, getting transferred, or having financial troubles, or filing bankruptcy.  Most of these folks need to sell their house but don’t have the time or money to fix it up or clean it up to put it on the market. They don’t even realize that investors would buy their homes with cash in as-is condition.


How do we find out who these people are?  That is what Saturday’s class is all about. Tony Youngs has put together an all day class to teach you how to find these people so you can get an exceptional deal.


It’s called the “Hidden Market”.  Tony Youngs is the master of the Hidden Market and will be teaching this class. He will show you  every possible way to find these folks and how you will become really good at finding great deals. Here are some of the situations you will find in the hidden Market.

 -          Bankruptcy

-          Foreclosure

-          Divorce

-          Probate

-          Code enforcement

 Tony will teach you all the ways to acquire these properties without proof of funds by:
   -           Wholesaling
    -          Owner finance 

-          Hard money

-          Cash 


The LA market is so competitive, you will be taught how to make consistent monthly income no matter how much experience you currently have. Make plans to attend this one of a kind training session.

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