Mike Rayburn World Class Guitarist & Comedian

Item Number: 12112014

Description: Mike offers this package for REIC of LA and Prosperity Through Real Estate folks:

  • Carnagie Hall   CD  (17 great songs)
  • A Nerd Like Me  CD  (10 new songs)
  • Fidgety Digits    CD   (11 great guitar pieces)
  • The World's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso  (a concert and his award winning keynote)
  • How the Masters Became Masters (Mike interviews 8 world class   artists about success)
  •  If  You Do This, It Will Work....In Sales (manual)
  •  What Would It Take For Me To Become The Best?  (manual)
  •  What If....Journal
  •  What If Book
  •   Poster of Mike
All for the unbelieveable price of $97.00  Plus $9.97 for Shipping and Handling.  Expect the package to arrive in 5-7 days.  There are no returns of this product.

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