Item Number: 050813

Description: Tax Savings Secrets Your CPA Doesn't Know

  • Legally save thousands in taxes every year
  • Save accounting and legal fees
  • Avoid bad expensive advice
  • Create Huge deductions with NO cash out, yet pocket tax free cash
  • Deduct any amount of property losses with no limits
  • Avoid the BIG COSTS of being a dealer
  • Sell properties tax-free and keep all the equity
  • Avoid entitles that cause you to overpay taxes and get you audited by the IRS!
  • Tax Saving Strategies you can use the entire year January to December.  Save more!
The Real Hidden Powers of LLC's That will save you thousands...
  • Shield your personal asssets from attachment
  • Become Lawyer repellent with Al's Power Attorney Letter
  • Prevent legal disputes saving you lawyer fees and stress
  • Protect your property equity with a little known yet powerful technique
  • Defend you against nasty IRS attacks
  • Legally deduct all of your educational and start up expenses even without having yet done a deal
  • Enable you to successfully operate your real estate business

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